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How to Get More Website Visitors From Social Media

Social media is an important part of an online marketing strategy today. The goal of marketing is to gain exposure among target audience members in order to improve sales. No matter what industry you are in, your target audience is using social media in some form or another, which means that it’s necessary to have a social media presence on behalf of a business. People use social media for a variety of reasons, one of which is to connect with businesses or brands that they do business with currently or are researching before potentially doing business with them. While a social media presence is an absolute must for any business today, it’s necessary to understand that a social media page should never be treated as the final destination. A social media page should be used to deliver traffic to a business website where a visitor can learn more about what you have to offer.

So how do you get social media followers to visit your website, getting them one step closer to converting? You’ll need to consistently be sharing links that point back to your website. And not just any kind of links, but links to valuable content in the form of blog posts that exist on your website. A social media feed shouldn’t look like a stream of advertisements with calls to actions like “Visit our website here!” with a link to the homepage. That’s what paid online advertising is for. Social media pages should be used as inbound marketing tools. A social media connection will click over to your website when they see a link that interests them. Maybe it’s a link to information that will help them better understand something about your business or help solve a problem that they may be having.

Here’s an example of the impact that sharing informational blog content in your social media channels can have on social referral traffic to your website (6 months compared year over year to when the website did not have a blog and then blogged on a weekly basis and shared the links in social media):

How to Get More Website Visitors From Social Media

This made a huge difference! Sharing links to quality blog content on your site is also a way to make sure that your social channels remain active. There is no point in setting up social media brand pages if you aren’t going to actually post anything on the page. An active social media page stimulates activity, which improves your social signals for SEO purposes, and also encourages people to follow you in social media. If your account is inactive for long stretches of time, what’s the point of following you? You’ll lose current followers, won’t gain new ones, and then when you actually do have something exciting to share- nobody is seeing the message!

SEO, content marketing, and social media marketing are all directly tied together today. You can’t do one without the other two. It definitely requires a time commitment, which translates to a monetary investment, but in today’s competitive online environment not investing in SEO, content marketing, and social media is the bigger risk.

How Clients Slow the SEO Process Down

The first thing that SEO clients need to understand about the process is that SEO is a long term strategy. You aren’t going to see results right out of the gate. It takes time to execute a search engine approved strategy. Slow and steady wins the race every time. However, just because the nature of SEO is slow moving doesn’t mean that gives you reason to slack off. It’s still necessary to stay the course and execute SEO activities in a timely manner. It already takes time to see SEO success and by putting off SEO responsibilities all you are essentially doing is prolonging the time it takes to see results even further. The relationship between an SEO firm and SEO client needs to be viewed as a partnership. The SEO client can’t disappear, they play a vital role in the process. If an SEO program isn’t generating results in a realistic timeframe, a common reason can be the client themselves.
How Clients Slow the SEO Process Down

Here are common ways that SEO clients slow down the process:
% Taking time to approve recommendations:
Every step of the SEO process requires approval from the SEO client, after all the client is the expert in the industry. An SEO firm can use its expertise to make recommendations from an SEO standpoint, but sometimes those recommendations might not be the most accurate fit depending on the target audience, which the client has a much better understanding of. That’s why keyword research is approved before making on site SEO recommendations and why on site SEO recommendations are approved before actual changes to the site are made and why any additional written content like blog posts or social media updates all need to be approved. When a client sits on these recommendations for long periods of time it’s essentially holding up the whole process. Clients should remove as much red tape as possible to keep things moving along.

% Not implementing recommendations:
Every SEO client is handled differently depending on their needs. Some clients have their own web developers or in house marketing people that are responsible for content and/or social media. This means that once approved, people outside of the SEO firm are responsible for implementation. Since these people may wear many hats and have their plates full sometimes the implementation doesn’t get done in a timely manner. SEO needs to be a top priority of anyone involved. Each piece of the SEO puzzle contributes towards long term success.

% Limiting content marketing efforts:
Ongoing content creation is an essential part of an SEO program. Every page of content that is produced can appear in organic search results and get shared and linked to. Content is perhaps the most important element of SEO, yet it’s something that many clients don’t take seriously enough. They claim that they don’t have time to write the content or that they don’t have any topic ideas to hand over to whoever is responsible for writing the content. If content isn’t being published, it severely limits SEO success.

Turn Offline Activities into SEO Success

The other day I was talking with one of our SEO clients and they wanted to know if there was any way they could turn this trip their CEO was taking to NYC to attend an invite-only roundtable into some SEO success. Since the roundtable was closed to the media the usual event promotion activities, the speaker bios, and event recap blog posts (all potential sources of links) were out. So how was our client to leverage their time spent as their roundtable for their SEO success? Here are a few ideas we came up with:
Turn Offline Activities into SEO Success

1. If the main discussions are off-the-record (to promote honest discussions), have some on-the-record conversations on the side.

The roundtable is supposedly off-the-record, so attendees can speak as themselves and not as representatives of their company. The goal is to promote open and honest communications among these thought leaders without having to watch what they say and worry about it coming back to haunt them or their businesses. But just because the roundtable is on lock down that doesn’t mean their CEO can’t ask to chat on-the-record with a few of the other attendees. We suggested he come up with 3 questions that he could ask a handful of the other presenters, and their responses could be used to write fresh content for their blog. Citing the other presenters in the blog post could lead to extra social shares from them and their company, which generates social signals and potentially links.

2. Since the CEO is visiting a few media publications as part of his trip, make sure he is getting cited as an expert.

In addition to the roundtable, the CEO is planning on visiting a few industry publications and associations based out of NYC. He is supposedly doing a few interviews, a podcast, and other events with the media. Each one of these media interactions could generate a few solid, high-quality links. Once he gets back from NYC it’s important that our client’s marketing team follow up with those organizations and make sure he is getting cited in any content they create based on his visit. This is not only a great way to build highly relevant links back to their site, but also help build the CEO’s personal online authority. Those industry sites are bound to generate plenty of visitors and natural links over time as well.

3. Network, network, network!

One of the best things anyone can do at a conference or roundtable event is to network. You never know what is going to come out of those connections! For instance, the CEO might be invited to speak at another event, he might be interviewed for an industry publication, or he might connect with another industry thought leader that is willing to guest write for the company blog. There is no denying the power that social media has to connect us with each other, but face-to-face interactions are just as important as ever. The people you meet at conferences can have a huge impact on your long term SEO success.

Best Website to Promote Your Business

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1. Make Friends
2. Accomplish your business profile
3. Follow other peoples
4. Create Quick Links
5. Post Blog
6. Post your Video
7. Share your media
8. Build your network
9. Post your Classified ad

Storeboard has some great How To Videos and you can also learn more about Storeboard by subscribing to Storeboard's Videos and Blogs, friending us on Facebook, following us on Twitter, and subscribing to our Youtube Channel.

I am also using this website since 2 years, and I measure always better results with this website. Storeboard offer us multiple techniques to promote our business website. So I think it is a best website to promote your business.

Best Place to Put Keywords in Website

For successful SEO, keywords play important role. It is most important element for every search engine. Basically keywords are the term that web user enters into the search engine and get results as pre their requirement.

There are lots of places where we can put our keywords to make it search engine friendly. But here are some important places where we should keep our key phrases.

Where to put keywords in website for search engine optimization:-

Keyword in Meta title: - Meta title is best area where should place our primary keyword. It can help to boost keyword ranking.

Meta description: - Another place where we need to put our keyword, that is meta description. 

Meta Keyword tag: - Meta keyword is the tag which helps to rank website in other search engine like yahoo and bing etc. So we should also put the primary and secondary keyword in this tag.

Heading Tag: - Heading tag is also best and beneficial place to insert keyword. It help users to know about web page content. With keeping it relevant, clear  and concise user can read it easily.

Insert keyword in web page content: - Website content is one of better place where we can insert our primary keyword. But we need to keep it carefully. Mean to say, we need to place it with appropriate keyword density. High keyword density can make bad reputation of our website. Always try to keep it 2-3%.

Seek Domain Mach to Keyword: - If you can get domain name, exact match to you primary keyword this will help to boost website ranking easily.

Alternate tag (ALT tag):- It is a tag which use in image. If we insert keyword in alt tag, may image can well ranked in search engine. It also help web crawler to index.

Off Page SEO Factors for High Google Rankings

Every website owners wants to become on the first position on Google or any other famous search engines and sometime they choose the illegal (black hat) methods to achieve their goal. They never now it can make their website out of search permanently. Some peoples always follow the legitimate methods (White hat) to get search engine ranking. They always get reliable rank and placement to their website with white hat SEO.

Most of peoples focus on the On-Page SEO instead of Off-Page SEO. They never know the real benefits and power of link building. Link building is more important as compare to on-site SEO. Quality link building is the technique which helps us to make better visibility in search engine. Here I am going to share some Off Page SEO Factors For High Google Rankings.

Create Backlinks:- Backlinks are the links that are directly towards the website ranking using keywords. Search engine Google give extra response to those sites which contain the rich number of quality back links. So try to increase quality links on your sites for better ranking.

Increase Quality of Backlinks:- If you have more back links on your website, that is great! But while there is also quality in your backlinks, that is excellent! Quality of back links always matter to boost website ranking. Quality means to create links on those websites which are relevant to your website and which website has great page rank.

Backlinks with anchor text: - Are you understand the importance of backlinks with anchor text? Really great sound! It is the way which helps to increase keyword ranking. 

Changes in keywords: - When you create the links with the help of keywords, always keep one thing in your mind change your keyword after submissions. Make it little long tail phrases. Mean to say don’t use same keyword for bulk submissions. It can be cause of over optimization. So diversity of keywords is important to stop the overuse of primary keywords.

If you will follow these Off Page SEO Factors for High Google rankings, you will definitely measure the best results in your website ranking. It is my personal experience; if you have your better ideas please share with me.

Best social bookmarking submission sites without registration

Fast Approval Article Sites

Hello peoples
Hope you all are doing great as i am too. Today i am sharing some of the Article sites which approves your article instantly to boost your ranking.

SEO Niche Directory List

Hello Peoples,

Today here i am posting some of the new fast approval directory sites list hopeful that you guys make most of this list. Here comes the list for you.

Fast Approval Directory list

Hello Peoples,

Today here i am posting some of the new fast approval directory sites list hopeful that you guys make most of this list. Here comes the list for you.

Canadian Web Directory List

Looking for regional web directory list of Canadian domain ? Here comes the list of web directory list of Canadian domain Hope you guys make most of this list.

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Australian Web Directory Submission Sites List

Hello world,

Looking for web directories of Australian domain ?  Here is the list of  regional directories of Australian domain. Enjoy the List !! ...

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