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Link Wheel & Squidoo Lens

The Link Wheel is a very powerful link building strategy because it tries to imitate natural internet patterns and google and other search engines always love natural link building. Instead of getting links from unrelated websites and irrelevant sources, a link wheel gets it’s links from related niches on the internet. Furthermore, link wheels have the ability to multiply your link count over a given period of time. Before the invention of the linkwheel, network websites were created in the effort to boost the ranking of particular websites, but the problem with these websites is that they easily raise suspicion because it look artificial as they didn’t follow any link wheel pattern, but all of them just pointed to one website, the one they targeted. Link building through link wheel (also known as Link Pyramid or Link Prism) is an upgraded version of network websites. It’s proven to be the best and most efficient link building strategy.

Squidoo itself has a PR of 8 in Google so it stands to reason that you want to learn how to make Squidoo lenses as part of your marketing strategy. Luckily, they are pretty easy to make!
First off, you need to create an account over at – you can have many lenses in one account so don’t worry about making your account name match with a keyword phrase you would like to target (you can worry about this when you create the lens)
When you login at Squidoo, you will see all kinds of stats and interesting information for your Squidoo lenses. If you’ve never created one before, or if you want to create a new one, there will be a big blue button that says “Create a Lens” – click it and follow the screens to create your lens.
There are a couple of things to pay particular attention to when creating a Squidoo lens.
First off, you want to be sure to use your keyword phrase in the Lens title and the URL
Sometimes your exact phrase might not be available and you might have to get creative and add “tips” or “guide” or something to the end or beginning of the phrases in the title. For the URL, you might try adding dashes if the url you are after is taken.

I usually add my article to the first text section with 1 hyperlink back to my website using the keyword I am trying to rank for in my anchor text.
Try to make your lens interesting and not too promotional. Try to put in a couple of text sections, a list if appropriate, some videos and you can add in the Amazon module with useful related products and even make a few bucks! Also, be sure to add the guest book module so people can come in and comment on your lens – it’s fun to get new comments but you might want to make sure you check the option to approve all comments first or you might end up with a bunch of spammy stuff on your lens.

Most of the internet marketers will probably know about Squidoo. If it’s the first time you heard of it, then you would likely be new to internet marketing.

Squidoo is a fast growing website that allows ordinary people to build their own pages with unique themes. The page is called “lens”, and each user is called a “lensmaster.” Squidoo is also a community where you can post your ads and can even share your profit to other ads like google ads and amazon ads by posting their ads to your page for related sources. You can custom your post the way you want it to appear on the page by just basic clicks and simple text typing. Squidoo is also known for building link wheels which is a good method of driving traffic to a site.

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